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Design matters!  Bring an energy into your home that lights up your face every time you enter a room.  D. Lillie's, Inc. is here to assist you with a variety of different design options.  Whether you are purchasing a new home or revamping your current  home, we can make it happen.  Contact us today and explore our beautiful window treatments, interior designs and more!




D. Lillie's, Inc. was started in 2001 by creative and design expert Shirley Batiste.  Her first  order of custom blinds was processed, produced and fulfilled right on her living room floor.  Her dream to design began as a little girl looking through books and magazines.  Fulfilling that dream stayed in the forefront of her mind and never left her sight.  When her mother, role-model and best-friend Dennie Lillie passed away, Shirley honored her mother by following her dreams and naming her heartfelt company, D.LILLIE'S, INC.!  D. Lillie's Inc offers a variety of design needs including but not limited to, custom design blinds, interior decoration, staging and outside consultation. Follow your heart and fulllfill your dreams to have a home right out of a magazine.  Call today!



Custom Design Blinds


Whether it's your entire house or your patio door, D. Lillie's, Inc can provide the design and style that you are looking for.  Set up a consultation today!

In order to provide you with the satisfaction that you deserve, a consultation with D. Lillie's, Inc. is highly recommended.  We will review your desires and space to come up with a plan that works for you!


Interior Design and Staging

D. Lillie's offers janitorial services for your home or office.  Keep your beautiful space pristine with our trustworthy, detail oriented staff.  We can't wait to clean for you!

Don't have time to revamp your home?  Don't know where to even start?  if you are selling, moving in or tire of your existing decor, D. Lillie's, Inc can work with you to give you a looks that wow's you again and again!  Call now!




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